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Council Forms

Council has a number of forms throughout the website and have consolidated them below for easier access.  You can also find these forms in the relevant area of the website to which they relate. 

Council is committed to a culture that protects privacy of individuals and will endeavour to protect the personal information it collects, stores, discloses and uses as outlined in Council's Privacy - Personal Information and Development Applications Policy and recommends that this Policy be read when requesting or providing information.

Animal Management Forms

1-71-T2 Application to keep more than two dogs
1-71-T5 Application for Registration of a Dog
1-71-T38 Application for the abatement of a Barking Dog
1-71-T68 Barking Dog Letter to Neighbour

Cemetery Forms

16-16-T2 Interment Application - Burial Authority
16-16-T3 North Shields Cemetery - Prepaid Burial and/or Interment Right Reservation
16-16-T16 Interment Right Statement
16-16-T17 Interment Right
16-71-T2 North Shields Garden Cemetery - Application for a Cremation Memorial
16-71-T3 North Shields Garden Cemetery - Application for Permit to Erect Headstone

Community Request & Information Forms

2-26-T1 Customer Service Feedback/Complaint Form - Online Form
-67-T1 Petition Form
7-1-T9 Trade Account Application Form
7-1-T64 Change of Debtor Account Details Form
7-31-T2 Community Funding Application Form
12-70-T27 Volunteer Registration Form
13-36-T2 Request for Information of Third Party
13-36-T3 Request for Personal Information
Freedom of Information (FOI) Request for Access to Documents
14-67-T2 Works Request Form
20-71-T67 Review of Decision/Request to waive expiation Application Form 

Development Forms

3-71-T25 Development Application Form
Electricity Act Declaration Form
14-19-T1 Driveway Crossover Application (New or Additional)

Fire Protection Forms

5-71-T14 Schedule 9 Permit Application Form

Footpaths & Roads Forms

11-71-T26 Mobile Food Vending - Application for Permit
20-71-T1 Footpath Trading Application - Business Use of Road
20-71-T52 Footpath Trading Application - Appendix for Side Walk Sales
20-71-T57 Business Use of Road - Outdoor Dining Application Form
20-71-T68 Commercial use of Footpath - Cruise Ship Side Walk Sale Application Form

Public Health Forms

Food Business Notification (FBN) Form / Online FBN Form and SafeWork SA safety tips - Food catering sites - keeping community events safe
On-site Wastewater Works Approval Application Form
Manufactured Cooling Water System Registration Form
Manufactured Warm Water System Registration Form
Legionella Incident Reporting Form

Rates & Property Forms

7-69-T2 Rates Arrears Payment Plan Agreement
7-69-T4 Change of Mailing Address on Rates Notice Form
7-69-T29 Adjoining Property Application Form
7-69-T31 Rebate of Rates on Land Application Form

Services & Facilities Forms

2-9-T4 By-Law Permit Application
2-9-T6 Community Displays at Library Permit Application Form
16-6-T1 Oval, Turf & Reserve Usage Permit Application
16-6-T14 Port Lincoln Library Community Room Booking Application Form 
16-51-T13 Expression of Interest - Kirton Court Units - Waiting List Application Form
17-37-T1 Community Infrastructure Investment Application Form

Nautilus Arts Centre
16-6-T17 Hire Agreement for Nautilus Arts Centre Facilities (Major Events)
16-6-T18 Hire Agreement for Nautilus Arts Centre (Small Scale Events)
16-6-T19 Small Scale Productions Technical Requirement Form
16-6-T22 Nautilus Theatre Administration Form
16-6-T23 Arteyrea Workshop Gallery Application Form
17-94-T6 Inventory of Works Submitted

Special Event Permits

2-9-T2 Special Event Permit Application - Busking
2-9-T3 Special Event Permit Application - Street Stalls
2-9-T5 Foreshore Banners & Entrance Way Sign
2-38-T20 Event Safety Risk Assessment and Event Management Plan
6-6-T2 Equipment Hire
16-6-T6 Private Functions in Council Parks, Land or Reserves
16-6-T31 Community Event Permit Application

Other Relevant Documents and links

Council By-laws 
Council Policies

Need more information

If you have any questions regarding any of Council’s forms, please contact:

City of Port Lincoln
Corporate Services Team
9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
Phone: 8621 2300







City of Port Lincoln
City of Port Lincoln ABN: 80 776 127 243
PO Box 1787, PORT LINCOLN SA 5606
Level One, Civic Centre, 60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln
Telephone: 08 8621 2300 | Fax: 08 8621 2399 | Email:
City of Port Lincoln ABN: 80 776 127 243
PO Box 1787, PORT LINCOLN SA 5606
Level One, Civic Centre,
60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln
Telephone: 08 8621 2300 | Fax: 08 8621 2399
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